Intravenous Therapy For Nutrition and Hydration

Most of us have heard before that you are what you eat. In some cases, people aren't able to eat foods in adequate amounts or even at all due to injury or disease. For instance, damage caused to the intestinal tract via Celiac's, Crohn's or ulcerative colitis can severely impair the gut's ability to absorb nutrients. Major burns, acute kidney injuries, or even those who have a chronic alcohol use disorder can benefit from IV therapy.  How do you know you have enough nutrients? Our food is not what it used to be. With the onslaught of toxic chemicals, GMO's, and depleted [...]

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How do I support my immune system?

The immune system for most of us works well when we support with what it needs and eliminate the things that hinder it's function. There are several types of immune cells, some that fight viruses, some that fight bacteria and some that clean up the body of old dead cells. Each immune cell is filled with certain nutrients. If we support our body with these nutrients, our cells can function more optimally. The cleaner our diet is of processed foods and chemicals, the healthier all our cells will be. Last but not least, our microbiome is a very important [...]

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Anti-Herpes Diet

The key is to optimize the Lysine to Arginine ratio. These are two amino acids found in foods. High arginine foods will increase your risk of getting herpes sores while high lysine foods will decrease your risk. Foods to eat Fish - poached, baked or broiledCalves liver - occasionallyEggs - poached, soft boiled, not friedBrewers Yeast - 1 tbsp dailyYogurt - 1 cupful dailySkin Milk or Cottage Cheese, lowfatPlenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (except Brussel sprouts) Foods to avoid Nuts - almonds, cashews, peanutsBrussel sproutsChocolateGelatinCookies, cakes, ice creamFatty meats and fried foodsRefined carbohydratesSugar

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