Comprehensive Hormones Saliva Test Kit


Includes sex hormones, adrenal four place cortisol and DHEA



Hormone Testing
The major sex hormones are estradiol, progesterone and testosterone. The adrenal hormones are DHEA and cortisol. These hormones will give us important information about deficiencies, excesses and your daily patterns.

The three forms that are made by the body: estrone, estradiol and esriol. You may have menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, fatigue, hair loss, insomnia and memory loss. Pre-menopausal women may have cramps, PMS, fatigue, and irritability when estrogens are out of balance. Men may have low testosterone and or high estrogens due to diet and lifestyle causing their testosterone to turn into estrogens.

Progesterone balances estradiol’s effects. It is considered preventative for breast and prostate cancers, and osteoporosis. Low progesterone can cause depression, irritability, insomnia, inflammation in the body, irregular periods, tender breasts, PMS and benign prostate gland enlargement (BPH).

A hormone that is essential for both males and females. It functions in the body to help build things, such as muscle. Testosterone is needed for heart function, mood, focus, bone health, muscle strength, stamina and sex drive.

An important adrenal gland hormone for energy production and blood sugar balance. DHEA is a precursor to other hormones, such as testosterone.

Your waking day hormone (highest in the morning and lowest at night). It is necessary for energy production, blood sugar metabolism, anti-inflammatory effects and stress response. There are four phases of adrenal fatigue determined by the pattern of the four saliva test times – morning, noon, evening and night. Your cortisol level is compared to the optimal range.

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