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The following is a collection of articles, podcasts, questionnaires, and helpful information to raise your awareness about your health.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.


The Dirty Dozen: List of most toxic fruits and veggies 2014

Green Living AZ magazine - Rejuvenation
Green Living AZ magazine - Chocolate
She Knows magazine - Fiber 101


Liver Toxicity Self Test
Adrenal Fatigue Questionnaire - No get up and go?  Lack of sex drive?  Low blood pressure?  Low blood sugar?
Stress Questionnaire - Can you handle stress well?
Candida Questionnaire - Have you taken antibiotics in the past?  Do you have depressed immune system?  Do you have skin problems that have no explanation?
ADD/ADHD Quesionnaire - Trouble with focus, memory?  Not able to complete tasks?  Child having difficulties in school?
Lyme Disease Symptom Questionnaire
Toxicity Self Assessment


Avoiding Excitotoxins (new)
ANTI-Herpes Diet Handout
HCG Diet - basic information
Bernstein Diet - for patients with high blood sugar
List of High Fiber Foods
Good Fats Bad Fats - Prevent heart disease by making simple changes to your diet.
Whole Foods Diet
Anti-Inflammatory Foods List
Top Ten Foods That Boost Your Brain Power
Maintaining Lean Muscle While Losing Weight


Genetic Testing - The most comprehensive way to understand your health -  - 


How to Tell The Difference Between Cold and Flu
Natural Immune Boosting Injection - Help fight flu
Speed Healing with Contrast Hydrotherapy
What is the Myer's Cocktail Immune IV?
How Much Vitamin C Do I Take?


What is the Effect of Toxins on our Body?
Do I Need to Detox?
Toxicity Self Test
Top Ten Toxins To Avoid
Avoidance of Toxic Chemicals - simple ways to live healthier
Mercury Content of Fish - quick guide to show you which fish are ok to eat and which are not
Why Are Pesticides Dangerous? - why go organic?
Sauna Handout
Castor Oil Pack Handout


Food Intolerance Testing Find out what is behind your digestive issues, arthritis symptoms, skin problems, weight gain, fatigue, allergies.

EhealthRadio Podcast:  Dr. Wells on Food Sensitivities


Leaky Gut Syndrome: A Common Cause of Chronic Disease - Learn what may be the cause of your health issues.
What testing is available?


Neurotransmitters 101 - Learn how your brain chemistry works and how important it is to many areas of health
Balancing Neurotransmitters and Hormones:  Key to a Happy Life
Memory, A Review of the Research


Popular Natural Therapies for Menopause - Bio-identical Hormones


Get Rid of Age Spots Naturally
Herbal Remedies for Skin Cancer
Overcoming Eczema
Natural Skin Care for Acne


Exercises to Reduce Stress -  16 exercises you can use at home or in the office
Stress Management Handout -  Fabulous ideas on eliminating stressful situations
Master's Breath - Ancient Breathing Meditation video
Master's Breath Meditation handout


Not All Garlic Is Created Equal
  For your heart, your immune system, or for allergies.  The processing of garlic supplements makes the difference in quality.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Heart 
  A new study showing the effects of vitamin D on heart and cardiovascular disease.

Preview to Fountain of Youth
  Hormones play an important role in staying younger.  Read about research behind the "anti-aging" hormone.

Vitamins:  Are We Getting What We Need?

Cardiovascular Risk and Cholesterol, The True Story

Do We Really Need Supplements?
 Learn what the experts are saying about the food we eat.

Green Tea:  Powerful Antioxidant

Microbial Origin of Chronic Inflammation

Update on Dr Wells bringing Naturopathic Medicine to Nepal

Health4Search.com - Health Directory and Fitness Resource

COLON HYDROTHERAPY - Rosemarie Siliciano, 21 years of experience helping patients detoxify and bring their colon back to health.

- Health and Resource Action Center

Body, Mind, Spirit Directory - Conscious Living, Holistic Health, Natural Healing, Green Resources

Heartspring.net - Alternative Medicine Resources

Organic Consumers Association - Campaigning for Health, Justice, Sustainability, Peace and Democracy

HealthEcho.com - guide to health resources of all kinds

Health Directory - LookHealthFit.com - Comprehensive Health directory and fitness resource.
DirectoryHealthy.com - Health directory and healthy information.

AgAccess.com - Premium Web Directory Free Business Directory Ybst.org

Holistic Practitioners - a local directory for holistic resources

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